Portable Rebar Cutter

Topall Impex is one of the most reputed Portable rebar cutter manufacturers in India. The rebar cutting machines that they provided are highly useful in a construction site. Since the cutters are portable, they can be moved around easily. They are handy, easy to use, and are absolutely maintenance free.


When you buy Portable rebar cutter in delhi it is assured that the product would be of the best quality. They are handy, easy to operate, easy to maintain with hardly any maintenance to be done, and have a long service life.

Why buy from us?

Topall being the No. 1 Portable rebar cutter suppliers supplies rebar cutters that are portable and thus handy. These small machines are very useful in constructions sites. Their quality is unmatched and the best performance is assured. This is why you should buy from Toppal Impex, the leading manufacturers of small machines for the construction sector.

Re-Bar Portable Cutter

MODEL  RC-16 RC-25
CUTTING RANGE(mm) 4-16 4-25
CUTTING SPEED  2.5-3.0S 2.5-3.0S
WEIGHT  14Kgs  18Kgs 
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