Rebar Tying Machine

Rebar tying machines are very useful in the construction sector for easy tying of rebars and making it sturdy. Topall Impex is one of the most reputed Rebar tying machine manufacturers in India. Their products are well-known in the market because of two main factors quality and performance. Quality is ensured through rigorous process compliance. Product performance is assured thank to use of best materials and technology


When you buy Rebar tying machine in delhi the product will be reliable, handy, easy to use, and have a long service life. These products do not require much maintenance and very handy to use.

Why buy from us?

Topall being the No. 1 Rebar tying machine suppliers supplies rebar tying machines that are of the best quality and that are easy to operate. You can buy rebar tying machines that are supplied by Topall as they exactly suit your requirements in the construction sector.

Portable Rebar Tying Machine

BATTERY  9.6 Li - Mh 3200mah 
TYING SPEED  0.8-1.1 Second per tie 
TIES PER COIL  120-230 ties per coil 
WEIGHT  3.3 kgs
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